Canvas Roll Up Pencil Bag Pen Case Holder Storage Pouch


Width: 20 cm
Length: See description


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Please note: Stationery items are not included within the price, you will receive the pictured canvas roll-up case only. The thickness of the pencils used as an example are less than 1cm, and the length is less than 19cm.

There are two extra large holes on the left and right sides of each pencil case, which can be used to place small erasers, utility knifes, etc. Because it is hand-sewn, each model is different, and the details cannot be fully reproduced.

12 holes: 12 holes + 2 large holes / 23cm length / weight: 55g
24 holes: 24 holes + 2 large holes / 34cm length / weight: 80g
36 holes: 36 holes + 2 large holes / 46cm length / weight: 105g
48 holes: 48 holes + 2 large holes / 58cm length / weight: 120g
72 holes: 72 holes + 2 large holes / 82cm length / weight: 175g

No. of Holes

12 holes, 24 holes, 36 holes, 48 holes, 72 holes


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