Casual Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag

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PU Leather

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33 reviews for Casual Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag

  1. L***v

    Verg satisfied! Women shoulder bags is very spacious and the fabric is comfortable and durable.corresponding to the photos and instructions.recommended!

  2. I***a

    There are 2 bags in total , one large and one small .the leather is very soft and thick.

  3. M***a

    I like it so much , leather is very soft. there are many ways to backpack , it is very convenient , thank the store.

  4. E***a

    Shoulder bags quality is good and it feels comfortable to the touch .there is a small bag in it with a large capacity .i recommend it.

  5. S***h

    Shoulder bags is a two-piece suit, looks very advanced, can be used to send friends and parties, perfect!!!

  6. V***a

    Shoulder bags leather is very thick,not easy to break,the quality is good,the store’s attitude is very good,I recommend.

  7. I***k

    Bag fire. Doesn’t look cheap. I’m happy with the purchase, I advise.

  8. R***r

    A decent bag, for the season. The design is original, roomy. Pockets and compartments are enough! The material is thin, as it will show itself in operation time will show.

  9. T***h


  10. D***a

    Thank you!

  11. I***a

    value for money,the leather is heavy,the quality is good,there are 3 small pockets in the bag inside,all kinds of backpacks are available,I like it very much.

  12. Customer

    very fast delivery. good quality

  13. B***a

    shoulder bags is so good,recommended.

  14. C***a

    Shoulder bags straps are stylish,and there are many ways to carry the handbag,which is very practical.Recommend.

  15. I***h

    handbags is very fashionable,it has a large capacity and can hold a lot of thinks,I am very satisfied.

  16. C***a

    leather feels very textured.the price is right.

  17. Z***h

    It can be single-shouldered,hung diagonally ,or hand-held,there are many ways to carry it,it is highly recommended.

  18. K***a

    I recommend this product and store.quality of the bags is great.

  19. K***a

    There is nothing bad,and the color.will not fadeeven after washing .I like it.

  20. A***a

    leather is very textured,the shoulder bags is very fashionable,and it can be carried on travel parties,It’s great!

  21. D***h

    Everything is fine.I recommend you to buy it.

  22. D***a

    everything is great.

  23. S***x

    so great,I like the shoulder bags very much.

  24. A***e

    leather is of first-rate quality,there are 3 shoulder straps in total,which is very convenient,I like it very much.

  25. I***a

    so fashion.I like.

  26. K***a

    so so so so fashion!

  27. M***a

    shoulder bags is perfect.

  28. I***a

    quality is very good.I recommend you to buy it.

  29. O***a

    Initially, the bag came without a strap to wear over the shoulder, and an inner cosmetic bag. The store sent the second parcel missing details. The bag is interesting, corresponds to the description.

  30. V***a

    Everything is perfect.

  31. C***g

    I recommend you to buy it.women shoulder bags quality is very good.

  32. A***e

    Handbags is very beautiful,the quality of the leather,simply great,very textured,a must-have for a party.

  33. A***e

    Handbags looks very advanced and very good.

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